Dave Dodds

professional storyteller


My life and career have always revolved around storytelling, from award-winning work in film & television, to innovative marketing & communication efforts that have leveraged unique stories to help companies rise. Whether it's brand engagement via video and public events, or coaching others as they share the stories that move them, storytelling is my passion and I look forward to being a part of crafting compelling narratives at every opportunity.

Video Producer

My career in video has spanned a variety of specialties and many different types of video content. As producer and director, I've led award-winning documentary films, live concert videos, and high-end industrial/commercial work for health systems, non-profits, and local businesses. The work behind the lens has included shooting news, documentaries, commercials, reality television, and other non-fiction projects for film and television. Every project is a unique opportunity to bring decades of experience together with new people and exciting new stories.

Brand & Media Consultant

Cutting through noise is difficult for anyone in the public light, but with the right support, communicators of all backgrounds can make a difference. Calling back to my decades in the media world, I've consulted with a variety of clients from charitable leaders, entertainers, local business owners and more, helping coach them as they work to elevate their businesses, communicate missions, or simply make their mark on the world.